A well-crafted board meeting reminder is a powerful tool for communicating that boosts the levels of preparedness and improves the productivity and success of scheduled engagements. Reminders should be sent promptly and clearly communicate important information regarding the meeting such as the title of the meeting, the date and time, the location or the agenda and a virtual platform. In addition, they should include a call-to-action encouraging attendees to confirm attendance or contact the organizer with any questions or concerns. A friendly tone and the use of a professional reminder template will increase accountability among participants and decrease the chance of omissions.

Begin your email reminder with brief introduction that reminds recipients of the purpose behind the meeting. This will make them feel valued and ensure that they don’t miss out on the event due to not realizing the importance. Make sure that your subject line brief and concise, as a truncation could limit the amount of information you are able to convey.

Sending reminders regularly before the meeting will ensure that the participants don’t forget or miss any details. An initial reminder a week before the meeting is a good time to start with a follow-up on the day of the meeting. It is also possible to consider sending a final reminder on the day of the meeting, particularly for important sessions. Additionally, using an automated reminder for board meetings template could make the process simpler and ensure that everyone is reminded of the scheduled meeting regardless of the time.

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